7 Tips For Prepare Your Vehicle For Spring

Car Mechanic Doing An Inspection Of A Vehicle

Top Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Car for Spring from Parkway Hyundai

With winter now behind us, there's no time like the present to get your car back in top shape. At Parkway Hyundai, our capable service team will gladly handle all your spring maintenance needs for you to enjoy this season to the fullest, and we've provided our customers in and around Corner Brook, NL with a guide to preparing their vehicle for spring. Once you've looked over the following tips, contact us at Parkway Hyundai to book your spring maintenance appointment.

7 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle

Clean Up Your Car

If you've just been through a Canadian winter, odds are your home isn't the only thing in need of some spring cleaning. Before getting in touch with our service department for a tune-up, we suggest putting your hose and vacuum to use and ridding your car of all that winter buildup. Once you've seen to every nook and groove, get your vehicle waxed and bring it back to its former glory.


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Swap Out Your Tires

After months of cutting through snow and slush, your winter tires need a break, and swapping them out for the spring should be your next order of business if you're aiming for a hassle-free spring. Tire options abound for the year's more auspicious seasons, and our technicians will be happy to fill you in on what kind suits your vehicle best.

Get Your Oil and Fluids Checked

Your owner's manual is always a reliable guide to oil and filter changes, but it never hurts to have them checked come springtime. Oil changes are integral to a smooth-running car, as are the fluids in your transmission and brakes, and we can ensure that you've got enough of each for an affordable price.

    Tire Alignment in Halifax, NS

Stress-Free Car-Shopping

If you recently hit a pothole or slide into the curb due to slippery driving conditions, your vehicle may be out of alignment. When a vehicle's alignment is affected, it causes it to veer one way or another. You may also find that uneven tire wear and shaking at certain speeds. No one would enjoy this kind of drive, so if you experience any of these indicators, bring your vehicle in or book an Appointment Online and have our state of the art equipment make everything right again.

 Mechanic Checking Tire Pressure

Check for Leaks

Your vehicle's key components are often most vulnerable during the winter, which is why we recommend getting your radiator and its cooling hoses inspected for any swelling, cracks, or leaks. Such precautions will keep your engine from overheating and spare you of any unwelcome expenses.

Replace Your Air Filter

With the snow and slush of winter now a thing of the past, dust and various other intruders are free to make their way into your vehicle's key components and make their presence felt in all the wrong ways. These pests can be thwarted by a good air filter, and we can fit your car with a new one for a stress-free spring.

Check Your Brakes and Battery

Winter can take quite a toll on your brakes and battery, so it's best to treat them to some TLC once our roughest season passes, especially if the latter is over four years old and needs a few seconds to get your engine started. In any case, we recommend getting these integral components inspected and/or replaced at our service centre come spring.

Replace Your Wipers

Like your brakes, there's a good chance your wipers were just put through the wringer by snow, ice, and everything in between. If your wipers squeak as they work their way across your windshield, it's time to get them replaced. Our technicians can equip your car with a new pair in short order to preserve your visibility during spring showers.

If you're based in or near Corner Brook and need some help finding our service centre, our website's Directions page can provide you with the quickest way to Parkway Hyundai. We're ready to welcome you and get your vehicle in top form for warm weather.