Guide For the First Time EV Buyers

Guide For the First Time EV Buyers

Guide For the First Time EV Buyers in Corner Brook, NL

The future of the automotive industry will be all-electric. Electric vehicles (EV) are the direction the industry is moving. We can already see this shift, with many automakers pledging to provide emission-free transportation by a certain date in the near future. Most automakers are offering at least one form of EV in their lineup now. Incentives offered by the governments, as well, are pushing for this future to come sooner rather than later. Be part of the change and browse our new EV inventory at Parkway Hyundai. Here's your guide to purchasing an EV.

Powertrain Options

Electric vehicles come in a few different powertrains. While not all of them are purely electric, they're also worth considering as first entry into the market.


A battery electric vehicle (BEV), more commonly known as an electric vehicle (EV), is a purely electric vehicle driven by an electric motor only and runs on rechargeable batteries. EVs are usually plugged into a power source. They can also be recharged through regenerative braking, where every deceleration produces electric energy that's used to recharge the battery. Fully electric vehicles don't have an internal combustion engine (ICE). Since no gas is used, EVs are the most environmentally friendly and produce zero exhaust emissions.

Hybrid/HEV vs PHEV

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) have both a traditional gasoline engine and an electric motor. A Hybrid's battery is recharged in only one way: using energy generated by the internal combustion engine through regenerative braking. Like a Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrids (PHEV) run on both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor that uses energy stored in a battery. It can be recharged by being plugged into an electric source the same way an EV gets recharged, in addition to being charged through regenerative braking. PHEVs can drive on battery alone, but once the battery runs out, they automatically revert to gasoline operation.



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Guide For the First Time EV Buyers

The Benefits of Buying An EV

EVs present numerous advantages compared to traditional ICE vehicles, namely:

1. Reduced Maintenance and Gas Costs

Maintenance and repair for an EV or a Hybrid can be significantly lower over the lifetime of a car. There are fewer fluids and moving parts. Regenerative braking reduces wear and tear on the brake pads. With an EV, you won't even need to worry about oil changes. Since EVs have no gas, it's also much cheaper to own and maintain. Operating an EV can cost less than a fifth of an ICE vehicle. A 400 km road trip in your EV would cost less than $10 at today's electricity rates if you charged at home.

2. Federal & Provincial Electric Vehicle Incentives

Canada offers a federal rebate of $5,000 against the price of your EV under certain conditions. Newfoundland has also recently established an EV rebate program where you can save $2,500 on the purchase or lease of an EV. That means you can save up to $7,500 when you purchase an EV. Contact us for more information about incentives and rebates.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Reducing or eliminating harmful carbon emissions and positively impacting the environment must be one of the best parts of owning an EV.

Charging and Battery Technology

Electric Range

With continuous battery technology innovations, these days, EVs are capable of greater travel and greater distances on a single charge. Before you go EV-shopping, make a note of your daily mileage, so you know the minimum range you require. If you're leaning towards a hybrid model, you should understand the electric range will be significantly less than that of a fully electric vehicle. Keep in mind that the stated range is affected by cold weather, heater or air conditioning use, loading up your vehicle, hilly terrains, and highway speeds.

Charging My EV at Home

You can plug your EV into a regular socket in your home's garage. While it's convenient, it may take some time to do this Level 1 or Level 2 charging (120-volt wall socket or 240-volt charging), so it's best to do it overnight.

DC Fast Charging Public Charging Networks in Newfoundland

More powerful Level 3 chargers are designed for commercial charging stations. DC fast-charging units are only available at public charging stations. You can expect to fast-charge your EV to 80% in less than an hour, getting you back on the road in no time. Newfoundland's first fast-charging network was just launched in 2021. It includes 14 charging stations, located on average every 70 km along the TCH from St. John's to Port aux Basques.

Reserve Yours Now

At Parkway Hyundai, we have a variety of Hyundai electric vehicles, including the coveted Hyundai IONIQ, with competitive warranties and financing options. Reserve your new EV today!

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